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Here you can find frequently asked questions. If you do not find your answer, feel free to contact and send your questions.

Can I use/copy contain of your website in a different web?

  • Using contains of LearnFree website is allowed ONLY with mentioning the source (https://learnfree.co)

How can I sign up to receive updates from your website?

  • You can subscribe here.

What happens when I subscribe to your website?

  • You will receive notification in your inbox whenever we update website with new posts.

How can I unsubscribe from your website?

  • At the bottom of the mails that you receive from our website, there is a unsubscribe link, you can click on that link to unsubscribe.

Is your site and it’s contains really fee?

  • Yes, they are free without any limits.

How can I contact you regarding a bug or problem on your site?

Can I have my product/website ads on your website?

  • Yes, right now the only place that we can have your ads/logo on is in the right menu and the size of your logo must be 300Ă—300. For more info, you can contact us using this form.